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Sometimes we are lucky to have the light bulb go off and come up with a fabulous idea. That is how Gerry Engelhart at Automated Print and Promo came up with the idea of the TabTalker™. While trying to find an important file between all the other files in his file drawer, a brilliant concept was created. A creative team collaborated on many ideas about design, construction, production, the name and catch phrase for the TabTalker™ and came up with this product that will revolutionize how you differentiate yourself from the competition.

What do your customers or members do with the important papers you give them? The TabTalkerTM is a presentation folder designed to fit a standard file drawer - with your information visible, easily locatable, and accessible 24/7. Imagine having a presentation folder to present to your customers or members that they can take home and put directly in their file drawer - not in a pile and certainly not in the circular file! Every time they open the drawer they will be reminded of you - which means when they need something again or a friend asks for a recommendation, you'll be the first on their mind.

Our design team will work together with you to brand the TabTalker™ to fit your business's needs. TabTalker™ is a marketing innovation from Automated Print and Promo, where we like to think outside of the box to help you in all your marketing and printing needs.

Automated Print and Promo is headed by Gerry Engelhart, our chief problem solver, and is supported by employees who have been with the company for 10+ years. Our award-winning graphic design team will take your ideas from concept to life. Our printing professionals use the latest digital and offset equipment. Our customer service associates are ready to answer all of your questions and guide you through the process. We are located in Cleveland, OH and are proud to serve clients across Northeastern Ohio as well as around the country and the world.

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Cleveland, OH 44128
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